Last year's Date Night Challenge was an unprecedented success, reaching couples from over 900 churches in all 50 states and around the world. And now it's back with brand new content featuring 14-time Dove Award nominee Mark Schultz and fun marriage tips from Pastor Ted Cunningham, all in a convenient DVD package -- giving you the flexibility to host your marriage event for Valentine's Day or whenever works best for you.

This fun, easy-to-host event gives you the opportunity to provide couples with a special evening out . . . and a powerful challenge to discover how regular dating can strengthen their marriage and ignite romance. With the new DVD format, you can host this event at a time that meets the needs of your individual church, making strengthening marriages easier than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why host a Date Night Challenge event?

Let's face it, everyone loves a good time. The Date Night Challenge is a fun way to strengthen marriages and families in your congregation and an inexpensive opportunity to reach out to your community.
Use the event to jump start your marriage strengthening activities for 2014, and then drive couples to other enrichment activities in your church!

  • It's a great evangelism opportunity and way to reach out to your community — invite them to have an evening on you!
  • It's customizable based on the needs of your church: choose the date, provide daycare, make it a dinner, or just host an evening of fun entertainment after couples go out on the town.
  • It's a proven way to strengthen relationships!
  • It's a simple way to get couples starting to invest in their marriage.

Who can host a Date Night Challenge event?

Get involved by hosting the Date Night Challenge event at your church. If you are a pastor or lay leader that is organizing this event, register your church. If you aren't a pastor or leader, send this page to your pastor(s) and encourage them to participate. If you're willing, tell them that you will even help champion the event!

Who is the event for? Who can attend?

This event is for all couples in your church and community. They don't have to be married, just interested in growing and deepening in their relationship!

How do we make this a successful event?

The two most important things you can do to make this successful are:

  • Provide childcare for your couples.
  • Provide a venue to show the webcast.

It really is that simple. We're taking care of the entertainment, and you just take care of your couples. If you want, you can provide dinner, or take care of their kids so the couples can do dinner before or after they come to the event. You know your couples and community, and we want you to be able to have the flexibility and freedom to make this a success. With the marketing materials, you will also have different ways of promoting the event, both in your church and throughout your community.

What is National Marriage Week?

Focus on the Family invites your church be part of a nationwide Date Night movement to encourage couples -- young and old, singles and married couples, parents and grandparents, Christian or not -- to put their relationship on the top of their priority list again. The worldwide goal is 5 million dates during the month of February. Instead of celebrating for one evening (Valentine's Day), we want to encourage couples to use the entire month of February to rejuvenate their marriage.

How to host the Date Night Challenge in your church or home.

Schedule your event on a date that works for you --
National Marriage Week USA (Feb. 7-14) is ideal, but any date will do.

 List your event on the National Marriage Week USA Event Calendar.

 Download modifiable promotional materials and invite couples to your church or home for the Date Night Challenge.